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We are one of the leading groups that deal with the latest and advanced technologies along with tool opportunity that enable us to stand firmly in the competitive world of market. Furthermore we are having the experts that are well flourished with skills and experience. So we are running with flying colours in the race of success along with full support of technologies and resourceful workforce. We are always successful in satisfying the demands of client and at reliable cost.

Various concerns points that make us complete are:

Different Range of Product

We include huge amount of product range like mechanical ring of different size and type along with different building material, Burgmann, flexibox,pilar eagle and many more international brands.

Beneficial Scheme of Reconditioning

Reconditioning is process which deals with old and worn out material and we prepared a fresh surfaces and replace out the outdated and used components. This is beneficial for both clients as well as for us. This is a money saving process together with high production as only the tear out surfaces and highly used component are replaced with new one.

Various Researches

We only believe on quality and this is easily seen in our work since we are world-wide appreciated for innovative design and outstanding performance. Our exerts team always surveys out and then developed a process which is highly based on technique, advanced technologies, manufacturing process and foremost quality. All these surveys help out to develop effective and effluent product and services.


Our products are used in good number of applications like food processing, compressors, cosmetics and many more. Apart from it is also used in various big plants and industries for e.g. sugar industry, Chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, beverages, fertilizers, textiles and many more daily producing product factories.

Quality Issues

Quality ensuring test are conducted which are based on various factors like

  • Specific Dimensions
  • Final Assembly Testing
  • Lapping Testing
  • Compression
  • Leak Testing

Quality is the essential factors on which we concentrate most while follow quality checking process and strategies to maintain the same. With our innovative ideas and experienced and well–qualified employee we prove to be best in quality as well as in on-time delivery.

Different stages that are passed through standards to achieved a tag of good quality

  • Different product at various level of manufacturing
  • Procured raw materials
  • End product

What are reasons to choose mechanical seals?

Mechanical Seals are essential body that is used normally in every field. It is helps as it produces minimum frictional loss, no pump maintenance, less electricity consumption and many more reasons.

Team members

Our Team is highly qualified and experience with good amount of diligence and hard work that produce the product, suits the demands of client. A good working team is always the reason for the success of organisation in such a market environment. Team includes Engineers, managers, technicians, quality checkers, quality assurance, Research and development Personnel and customer care executives.

We are best for various reasons and circumstances and even placed our foot in major areas all over the globe.

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Mechanical Seal Suppliers Delhi, Mechanical Seal Traders India